Saatchi’s Got the X Factor!

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Art genius Charles Saatchi plans to launch X Factor-like TV show

Art genius Charles Saatchi plans to launch X Factor-like TV show.


Art guru Charles Saatchi will team BBC2 to launch a new reality TV show illustrating the pursuit of Britain’s next art star. Saatchi’s Best of British will give six unknown talents the opportunity to display their creativity onscreen and a privileged artistic insight at Saatchi’s boot-camp.

By the end of the series, Saatchi himself will select the winner whose work, as part of the final prize, will be granted a space in Saatchi’s upcoming exhibition “Newspeak:British Art Now” that is to take place in St Petersburg next autumn.

Well, does all this British next star of no-matter-what that is bound to become the nation’s sweetheart and is then rapidly forgotten after 15 short minutes of fame, ring a bell?

I bet it certainly does considering how the British television has witnessed in the past years an avalanche of talent-seeking competitions that repeat the same generic formula of locking a bunch of contestants in house and wait for them to dispute or fall in love.

From the X Factor, to Britain’s Got Talent or Strictly Come Dancing, money and ratings seem to prevail over real talent.

 So, what is it that makes Best of British so outstanding? Will Saatchi become a new type of pop mogul of the likes of Simon Cowell? At the end of the day and just like Crowell, isn’t he trying to find a product that works and sells well?

Yes, Saatchi’s show aims to make money. Yes, Saatchi’s show pursuits top TV ratings. Yes, Saatchi’s looking for an artist who sells well in his future exhibitions.

 But Saatchi’s Best of British has an educational purpose too as it democratises the usually elitist  contemporary art making it available to the mass audience that usually follows reality TV shows.

This proyect takes a closer look at the secrets of contemporary art as renowned,usually camera-shy artists are set to share their genius with the viewers.

Television aims to entertain and educate, Saatchi’s Best of British makes it possible.


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