Dali’s biopic to hit London Cinemas.

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The film adaptation of the artist’s tempestuous life will hit the capital’s screens next month as it explores Dali’s personal relationship with fellow Spaniard and celebrated poet, Federico Garcia Lorca.

Little Ashes focuses on the early years of an unknown Salvador Dali who arrives to Madrid in the pursuit of fame and recognition as Spain’s greatest artist.

His  talent and eccentricities soon catch the attention of Madrid’s exclusive artistic elite- including that of poet Garcia Lorca and future film director Luis Buñuel-and the three bond in an usual friendship that is passionate and personal .

The formidable trio descend into a dangerous road as they challenge all traditional conventions of a conservative and extremely catholic Spain  ruled during the early 20’s by the right-wing dictator, Miguel Primo de Rivera.

Dali and Lorca portrayed by the Twilight star Robert Pattison and Javier Beltran.

Dali and Lorca portrayed by the Twilight star Robert Pattinson and Javier Beltran.

As Dali and Lorca  begin to grow fonder of each other, the young Buñuel sets off for Paris in search of his own personal success as film director. From there on, it’s just the two men seemingly convinced to possess an extraordinary connection that others can only dream of. 

Both share their deepest thoughts, aspirations and secrets until one night their unique friendship becomes something else that the sexually repressed Lorca tries and fails to consummate.

The film, a UK-Spanish production, is directed by Paul Morrison and the cast includes  Spanish actor Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Lorca, the British Matthew McNulty as Luis Buñuel and Hollywood’s latest sensation,Robert Pattinson as Salvador Dali.

The film will premiere May 8 in the London Cine Lumiere cinema in South Kensington.

View trailer here.

To attend London Cine Lumiere, click here.


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